Women’s Products at 2015 SHOT Show

We found some cool products for women at the 2015 SHOT show held recently in Las Vegas. Nearly all of the big hunting apparel companies carried a women’s line – that’s not news so we aren’t going to list them all here. Our efforts were to meet with company owners that catered to women specifically because our custom pistol grips are for women, and it was our goal to network with them. To that end we wanted to share with you what we found in women’s products. (click images for larger size)

Prois makes outdoor apparel forwomens outdoor and hunting apparel women only including shirts, vest, jackets, pants, footwear, base layers, and gear. Some very cool stuff and a nice size booth at the show.

wilderness-dreams-lingerie“For after the hunt” as they explained, Wilderness Dreams carries cammo lingerie, swim suits, under garments, exercise apparel, and sleepwear.

From the stars of our favorite Reality TV show, Duck duck commander women's footwareCommander, women’s casual shoes, flip-flops and more. 

flash-bang-holsters for womenWhile there were plenty of holster companies in attendance, Flash Bang Holsters cater to women. Their best seller is the model that attaches to the front band of a bra to conceal below the breast. Very creative!

Pack’n Heat carries ear muffs and eye protection with rhinestones. They would certainly go well with our pistol grips with bing!

There were several companies with concealed carry bags,designer-comcealed-carry-web purses, and even tablet cases:

• Designer Concealed Carry (shown right)
• Gun Tote’n Mamas (shown below)
• Concealed Carrie
• Beau + Arrow

gun-toten-mamas concealed carry purses for womenIf we missed your company at the 2015 SHOT show we are truly sorry. There were a lot of exhibitors and tens of thousands of people.

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