Release of Women’s Custom Grips for .38 Special

We are excited to announce that our S&W 38 special J-Frame grips are in production. It’s taken over 2 years of design, engineering and development to finally get it right. Molding a custom grip for Smith & Wesson’s .38 Special isn’t easy. They are small grips that are not flat and have to fit against the frame of the gun along the back and each other across the front – very tricky. Kelly, our Owner, demanded shiny plastic grips, without grain, which is very difficult. Most plastics you see have grain to cover any imperfections. Kelly insisted they be shiny for appearance and have metalflake. This was another challenge as we worked with a plastic colorant company to develop the right recipe for a great finished look. We changed plastic raw material to polycarbonate, also know as Lexan® (same as car headlights), which is super durable, stable and a bit pricy. Once we started trials with this material we saw some flaws in the top surface. We ended up scrapping half of the steel production tool and rebuilding to solve this challenge. Whatever it takes to get it right. Of course, we had thousands of dollars in legal fees for the name trademark and a patent.

Once we had molded parts the team got busy bonding the Swarovski® Rhinestones in the channel-set rose design. Kelly gave the women on our team free reign to mix and match rhinestones colors and combinations to come up with some really cool designs. This open-minded approach empowering designers resulted in awesome creativity and ultimately beautiful end products. Even some of the men we showed them to at gun stores have been very impressed with the look of our new gips. And for good reason, there is nothing on the market like these. We are the first company to develop custom pistol grips with Swarovski® Rhinestones in a creative pattern. And, we have more designs coming.

One of the benefits of our grips came by accident. The standard S&W 38 Special grip has a thin rubber exterior butting up the the narrow metal frame along the backstrap of the pistol. When you shoot this gun, in stock form, all of the recoil force is dispersed along the narrow metal frame into the shooters hand. Our pistol grips are wider along the back and made of a more durable material, dispersing the energy across a wider section of the pistol and grip.  We shot a LOT of rounds through a couple of different model J-Frames (aluminum and steel) to test the durability and the grips held up great. They fit the handgun great and look beautiful. That was Kelly’s goal, and that’s what we accomplished. From an idea to a vision to production parts all made in USA. Wait until you see them in person with light reflecting off the rhinestones they are a work of art.

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