S&W 38 Special Purple Muddy Girl Camo® Pistol Grips with Bling


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Product Description

Durable Polycarbonate pistol grips for Smith & Wesson .38 Special with Muddy Girl Camo® Purple color and black Swarovski® Rhinestones. Custom grips fit all Smith & Wesson J-Frame handguns with round butt. Easy to replace grips. Rhinestones are inset into a channel for smooth, comfortable feel. Licensed Muddy Girl Camo® Hydrodipped with durable clear coat. All Grips have a 30 day warranty. Made in USA.

Bullet-proof glass is made from Polycarbonate, making our grips very durable.

Note: each pair of grips are unique and have variations in colors and finish. Inquire about matching ear protection and safety glasses.