Custom Revolver Grips for Women

Women are purchasing firearms at an astonishing rate. Whether for self-defense, hunting, target sports, or just shooting for the fun of it, women are in the game! But, we have found that the vast majority of firearms products are designed for men. So we’ve dedicated the majority of our business in making custom revolver grips for women and matching accessories.

Custom Revolver Grips with Bling

patriot-red-custom-pistol-gripsPistol Gripz, Inc. is a women owned and operated company catering to mostly female gun owners. Our 38 Special custom pistol grips are designed for women with some colorful, sparkling bling. The natural fit grip size for women in combination with multi-colred materials and decorative rhinestones results in a product with both form and function.

We use genuine Swarovski© Rhinestones and superior materials in our custom revolver grips resulting in a high-quality products that look great.


Our products are guaranteed and we are constantly developing new designs and additional grip models.

Coming soon – 1911 Custom Pistol Grips.