About us

Kelly Wellington, the Founder of Pistol Gripz, Inc., made the decision to purchase a handgun for self-defense after her husband became paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Kelly, who would often lock up her clients’ offices after long days of accounting work, would sometimes find herself alone in dark parking lots. She decided it was time to get a CPL and buy her first handgun. Kelly wanted to personalize her new pistol; preferably with some “bling.” After searching for a particular grip and realizing that there was nothing that she envisioned on the market, she decided to make custom gun grips for women to fill that void.

Kelly is an entrepreneur who has been a successful business owner for over 20 years and has also run and consulted for several small businesses. She is active in her local community in Michigan serving on the Board of Directors for the Greater Romeo Washington Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce and the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. She volunteers for the Kid-Safe Network and Women Safe Network organizations that teach practical self-defense techniques. Kelly is also a Martial Arts Instructor for small children and holds a First Degree Black Belt Rank.

Kelly is an avid shooter and a strong proponent of self-defense. She is a member of the NRA, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc., The NRA Women Alliance and The Well-Armed Woman.

We use genuine Swarovski Rhinestones and superior materials in our custom pistol grips resulting in high-quality products. We are constantly developing new designs and additional grip models.

Our products are 100% guaranteed!

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