Custom Pistol and Handgun Grips

We are the original manufacturer of custom pistol grips for women with our patented designs using genuine Swarovski® Rhinestones. Our pistol grips are made with high-quality materials and are tested for durability. We are making .38 Special Smith & Wesson® revolver grips for women and will be adding a line for men as well. Soon we will reveal our new 1911 grips, and other models, with Swarovski® Rhinestones and more custom designs. Wait until you see our custom pistol grips in beautiful materials, set off with brilliant Swarovski® Rhinestones in person.

More and more women are carrying and shooting handguns today and we feel it’s important to provide women with products that cater to them. Now, you can personalize your handgun with beautiful rhinestones and multi-colored grips. No two grips are alike making them very unique. Our design priority is first to develop grips that fit the pistol just right, that look exceptional and unique, and are super durable.

Our New Grips with Custom Finishes Have Arrived


J-frame-Tiffany-GripsMake your handgun stand out with custom made pistol grips with “bling” and-or our custom finishes. These grips will make your pistol standout from the rest and make your gun more valuable.

Pistol Gripz® are durable and made of Lucite, the same material as car headlights and bullet-proof glass. We use high-grade adhesive for bonding the Swarovski® Rhinestones into a channel for smooth feel and a long-lasting durable product.